Best quality at the price

Kei Ohtani is a student photographer at DePauw University.  Because he shoots pictures as a part of learning, he provides photo sessions at extremely cheaper price than any other professional photographers.

Portrait Photography

Individual photo session. This is best for a profile photo.

Senior Photography

Individual photo session. Up to 3 individuals at the time

Family Photography

Family photos either indoor or outdoor.



Kei offered to let me be his “model” for a few photo shoots around NIACC and East Park. He had tons of ideas and always let me try out my own. I had a few ideas for poses I had found from Pinterest and Kei helped me capture them wonderfully. Kei knew how to make the poses look flattering while also keeping me laughing and making the shoot fun. It was all very laid back and effortless on my part. I can’t wait to see Kei’s work in the future. He’s very passionate about photography and I know he will do big things. Thanks for letting me be a part of it Kei!


Kei was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was open to my suggestions and worked really hard to give me the results that I wanted. He even drove all the way to my home, and was even willing to meet in other places. He made sure that the environment was stable and fun. I was so thrilled with the finished results!




Good for portfolio session which is best for profile photo session.




Good for senior photo session.



Good for either senior and family photo session.

※ This costs do not include developing photos. Developing photos is by your own. I will only provide digital data via Google Photos.

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